Top Five Reasons To Convert VHS Tapes to Digital Files

Convert VHS tapes to digital files

The holidays are often a nostalgic time for people, and they might make you want to break out the home videos and watch holiday gatherings from years past. The issue many are having nowadays is that old home videos were taken on VHS, or even 8mm film, and it’s tough to find a VHS player these days. Even DVDs are becoming obsolete, but at least you can still use them (for now). Read on to find out why the choice to convert VHS tapes to digital files or DVDs can make a great gift for a loved one, or even for yourself!


VHS tapes degrade over time the more they are played due to damage from the VHS machine. The tape heads themselves cause damage to VHS tapes even while no one is watching them. Over the years, the integrity of the video can be significantly decreased on a VHS tape due to chemical damage from the way tapes are made. On the contrary, DVDs store videos digitally, meaning the videos remain safe and preserved for 100 years or more! 

Declutter Your Home

VHS videos are large, bulky, and take up space in your home. When you convert VHS tapes to digital files or DVDs, you actually end up decluttering. DVDs are thin and can be stored more easily. In addition, you can usually put more than one VHS tape on a single DVD because they contain much more storage space. Digital files can be stored in something as small as a thumb drive, or even stores as a file on your computer, taking up no extra space at all. Therefore, most of that space used to store VHS tapes can now be used for something else, or just cleared for a more minimalistic look.


VHS videos are no longer compatible with modern video viewing machinery. Most TVs, video players, and computers are set up for digital files only at this point. Holding on to VHS videos that you can’t actually watch seems counterintuitive. Give the gift of bringing those videos back to life by making them digital so they can actually be enjoyed!


What good are memories that are not shared with family and friends? In today’s digital age, digital files can be easily shared through email, social media, and the cloud, as well as kept on several thumb drives or DVDs to give out to others.


Home videos are one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. When your videos are digital, you can store them in several different places, including on your computer, in the cloud, and on physical thumb drives so you always have a backup. This way, if you misplace your thumb drive or your computer crashes, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your video files are still safe.

At Shereck Video, our professionals can convert your old VHS tapes to digital files so they can be preserved, easily stored, and enjoyed over and over again for decades to come! We can even convert old 8mm film that goes back to as far as the 30s. Renew those VHS tapes or 8mm films for a loved one or for yourself. Contact us to learn more about this service!