Why Video Legal Document Signings?

Video of legal document signings

The most important part of a legal document is the signature – without that, the document holds no weight. Legal documents like wills and pre-nuptials have a significant impact on yourself and your loved ones, so you want to make sure there are no discrepancies or questions about the validity of the signatures. An effective and successful way of protecting the integrity of the signatures is to have the signing videoed. Read on to learn more about how a video of legal document signings, and even a reading of legal documents, can be important protection of the legal status of the document.

1. Shows Signers Were of Sound Mind

In the case of a Last Will and Testament, an unhappy family member may claim the deceased was not of sound mind while signing the will. A video of the person signing and even reading and explaining the will is often enough to show the signer did indeed have clarity while signing. Similarly, in a pre or postnuptial, a video of the couple calmly signing the document will make it harder for one of them to claim they were coerced into signing.

2. Provides Validity for Signers with Disabilities

If a document signer is blind or requires assistance with signing, it can be easy to claim the person signed without knowing what the document said. A video of someone reading the document to the person and showing the person signing it of his or her own free will shows the person did actually know what he or she was signing.

3. Shows Proper Signing of the Document

Believe it or not, a signature is not valid if certain parameters are not met. Depending on the document, two witnesses and/or a notary must often be present during the signing. By videoing this process, you can prove that the document was signed under the proper circumstances, should anyone attempt to claim otherwise.

You may not think about taking a video of legal documents signings, but when it comes to anything legal, you want to make sure there are no avenues open for a dispute over the validity of your document. The professionals at Shereck Video are trained specifically in the intricacies of legal video. If you are looking to video any legal proceedings, don’t hesitate to give us a call!