Why is video testimony so powerful?

Through video, viewers are privy not only to the words of a witness’s testimony, but also to their mannerisms, facial expressions, pauses, and tone of voice. These elements provide a more complete picture of the witness’s credibility and give space for a judge or jury to make further judgments about the witness’s testimony. Video adds an emotional aspect to the testimony that is missing in a transcript. Remember, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures.

Video also preserves crucial testimony for trial from a witness who may not be able to appear in court, and it allows testimony to be reviewed multiple times in order to clarify or review information. If a witness changes their testimony between deposition and trial, the attorney has an effective way to share the original testimony. Additionally, some trials take years and a witness who is elderly or ill may pass away before the trial is over; a video of this person’s testimony becomes crucial if the person is no longer around to give their testimony in court.

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