Why Video Legal Document Signings?

Video of legal document signings

The most important part of a legal document is the signature – without that, the document holds no weight. Legal documents like wills and pre-nuptials have a significant impact on yourself and your loved ones, so you want to make sure there are no discrepancies or questions about the validity of the signatures. An effective and successful way of protecting the integrity of the signatures is to have the signing videoed. Read on to learn more about how a video of legal document signings, and even a reading of legal documents, can be important protection of the legal status of the document.

1. Shows Signers Were of Sound Mind

In the case of a Last Will and Testament, an unhappy family member may claim the deceased was not of sound mind while signing the will. A video of the person signing and even reading and explaining the will is often enough to show the signer did indeed have clarity while signing. Similarly, in a pre or postnuptial, a video of the couple calmly signing the document will make it harder for one of them to claim they were coerced into signing.

2. Provides Validity for Signers with Disabilities

If a document signer is blind or requires assistance with signing, it can be easy to claim the person signed without knowing what the document said. A video of someone reading the document to the person and showing the person signing it of his or her own free will shows the person did actually know what he or she was signing.

3. Shows Proper Signing of the Document

Believe it or not, a signature is not valid if certain parameters are not met. Depending on the document, two witnesses and/or a notary must often be present during the signing. By videoing this process, you can prove that the document was signed under the proper circumstances, should anyone attempt to claim otherwise.

You may not think about taking a video of legal documents signings, but when it comes to anything legal, you want to make sure there are no avenues open for a dispute over the validity of your document. The professionals at Shereck Video are trained specifically in the intricacies of legal video. If you are looking to video any legal proceedings, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

5 Surefire Ways Video Marketing Adds Value To Your Business

Video marketing

If pictures are worth a thousand words, video is worth a thousand pictures. Youtube reported that, collectively, humanity today watches around 1 billion hours worth of video each day. That’s a hundred thousand YEARS of video. In a day. That alone should tell you how drawn people are towards the video medium. In fact, 90% of consumers report their buying habits are influenced by videos. Supported by such statistics, it’s plain to see that video marketing adds tremendous value to your website and, hence, your business.

Need further convincing? Here we get into specifics on how video marketing adds value to your website.

1. Emotional Response

It is no secret that watching a video elicits an emotional response about the video’s subject. An emotional response doesn’t just have to be serious – a laugh is an emotional response, too. Any funny or meaningful video that causes the viewer to feel something helps your brand. That’s because decisions about purchasing from, subscribing to, or even investing in a company are not based purely on information but on the way a person feels about the company. Business decisions are highly personal and subjective, and you want to make sure people feel connected to your brand on an emotional, personal level. Video is an excellent medium with which to speak straight to the heart.

2. Personal

In a similar vein, video gives you the opportunity to give people a glimpse into the day to day workings or thoughts or even antics of people in your company, which adds a highly personal aspect to your marketing plan. Through social media stories, your youtube channel, and vlogs (video blogs) on your website, you have the opportunity to give customers an authentic window into your company so they feel personally connected and trust you as a brand. 

3. Increase Conversions

Brightcove reported that, in a study they conducted in 2018, 76% of consumers said they purchased a product or signed up for a service after watching a video. More and more, trends show that potential customers and clients engage more with a website if there is a video on the landing page. Clients are also more likely to open an email with “video” in the subject line. 

4. Good for SEO

Google has started listing videos in their search results. That should be a good clue that search engines are starting to view video as a reliable source of content, and are even favoring it over other forms of content. If you optimize your video for SEO, you are taking important steps to improving your site’s overall SEO quality.

5. Get Ahead of Marketing Trends

An overwhelming majority of marketers believe that video marketing will continue to be effective in the coming years, and are utilizing video in their marketing plans. That means you can get ahead of the curve by developing your video marketing strategies now, so that you’ll already have them established by the time everyone else is doing it.

Video is fast becoming the number one way to display content on business websites. At Shereck Video, our professional videographers are experienced in creating high-quality corporate videos that become an integral part of telling your brand’s story. Make sure your company is ahead of marketing trends by including video as part of your marketing strategy!

The Top Three Reasons Why Activities of Daily Living Videos Are So Powerful

Activities of Daily Living: man learning to use a walker.

What are Activities of Daily Living?

Activities of Daily Living include any actions we take each day in order to function. For example, preparing food for one’s self, using the bathroom, taking a shower, and getting dressed. These are actions many of us take for granted. However, if someone becomes seriously injured, that person may suddenly be unable to adequately perform some or all of these tasks for themselves, requiring expensive help in the home. The person also likely experiences a form of mourning and depression over the loss of his or her independence.

How Will a Video Documenting Activities of Daily Living Help a Case in Court?

1. It builds an understanding of the needs of your client. Even though the jury may hear details of your client’s injuries and consequent disabilities, it makes a world of difference to actually see those limitations on a video. The jury members will be able to visualize the struggles your client goes through in order to complete simple tasks, and will come to a better understanding of the scope of how your client’s life has been impacted by his or her injuries.

2. Video will illuminate the costs required to pay for necessary help. Jury members will be able to see all the help required by your client to accomplish simple tasks as well as to regain independence. Between home help, therapies, nurse visits, and more, the expense of being injured adds up quickly and there’s no better way to hit the point home than by showing it on video.

3. It creates an emotional connection to your client. Hearing about your client’s injuries cannot be compared to physically watching your client struggle to regain independence. After jury members see how hard your client works to perform daily tasks both with help and independently, they will likely be touched on an emotional level, making them more likely to be sympathetic toward your client when it comes time to make decisions.

Video is one of the most powerful tools we have in our arsenal. The expert Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) at Shereck Video work closely with you to make sure you get the high-quality legal videos you need. The next time you have a case involving Activities of Daily Living, make sure to get them on video to make your case even stronger!

Top 4 Ways Video Depositions are Transforming the Legal Industry in 2019

Did you know a person is most likely to remember 40% of what they see, 50% of what they hear, and 90% of what they see & hear? Not only that, but emotion is conveyed much more powerfully through video than through text. Those are some of the main reasons why video is becoming more and more popular in many industries, including law. Video depositions and other kinds of video in the courtroom are changing the way judges and juries interact with legal videos in so many different ways.

Here are just a few of the ways video depositions are transforming the legal industry.

1. Record Testimony

Do you have a witness who can’t be at the trial? There are so many reasons why a witness needs to be deposed at another time and in another setting. Maybe the person lives in another state or country and can’t afford the money or time it takes to fly in to testify live. There could be scheduling conflicts. No problem! With video depositions, a witness can give their testimony under oath and have it count in the courtroom later. Video allows the judge and jury to watch the testimony as if the person was in the courtroom giving it, including all the person’s facial expressions and intonations. The video can even be edited to exclude any objections sustained by the judge, as well as any questionable testimony.

2.  Preserve Testimony

If you have a witness who is ill or even near death, you definitely want to preserve that person’s testimony, as you may not be able to get it again. Video depositions can keep that person’s testimony on record for the life of the case and beyond. Videoed testimony also prevents witnesses from changing their testimony later on. 

3.  Video Depositions Add Dimension to the Testimony

In a written script, only the words a witness speaks are preserved. However, in a video, the witness’s tone of voice, heavy sighs, and other telling body language become part of the testimony, adding dynamic and dimension to the words being spoken. The judge and jury members can tell if a witness is nervous, confident, or seems unsure, which contributes to the overall picture of whatever event or experience is being described.

4. Eliminates Doubt

With in a video, a picture in picture effect can be used where a piece of evidence can be displayed within the video alongside the witness speaking and explaining about the evidence. The second “picture” can be a document, an image, or even a video clip. Picture in picture video eliminates doubt about the relevance and importance of the piece of evidence and can increase its admissibility.

Jump on the Video Depositions Bandwagon

Video depositions have revolutionized the legal industry and it’s time to jump on board. These videos should be taken by Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) so they know exactly what to focus on and how to edit the videos appropriately. Equipment needs to work perfectly so there are no malfunctions during these important interviews. At Shereck Video, we are experts in taking video depositions and other legal videos and we make it our priority to provide you with high-quality videos for your records and trial. Don’t hesitate to make use of this powerful tool in your next legal proceeding!